Electra is a star child who has made a special visit to our wonderful planet Earth. She has travelled a great distance to be here. Sheís originally from the Pleiades, a cluster of shining stars known as the Seven Sisters.
Their names are; Alcyone, Merope, Celeno, Taygeta, Sterope, Electra and Maia. These stars are located in the constellation of Taurus the Bull and there are many ancient myths and legends about them from different cultures all over our planet.
Electra wanted to visit planet Earth because it looked such a sparkly blue planet when she saw it from a great distance.

Electra is extremely bright and colourful and she loves patterns.

When she arrived on planet Earth she felt quite at home as there are so many bright and colourful patterns here!

Here are some of her favourite pictures:

                               Electra and the Dancing Rainbow - Rollover to start the music

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